Easy-To-Use Features to make your marketing easier.


Bio Profile Generator

Generate beautiful bio profiles, share a single link and monitor traffic.

URL Bookmarking System with Bookmarklet

URLs are automatically associated to registered users and are saved on their account for future access. Users can now drag a bookmarklet tool to their bookmarks bar and instantaneously shorten the URL of the site they are viewing.

Link Customization

Customise each short link to better target and understand your audience with our powerful customization tools.

QR Codes Generator

Generate beautiful trackable QR codes of your links for your offline marketing campaigns and even redirect your users to your link with just a QR code scan. You can share your QR codes anywhere plus you can customise the design, set beautiful colours or gradients and add your logo. Download them as PNG,SVG or PDF. Analyse scans so you will know where exactly is has been scanned from.

Custom Domain

Supports custom domains. If want to use your own domain, simply add it and start using it.


Bundles & Link Rotator

The bundle feature allows you to regroup some links and will generate you a special link where you will be able to send that to people. That special link will allow them to see all links in the bundle and use them. This new feature allows a bundle to act as a rotator. The special link will rotate links randomly and will send the user to short link within the bundle.

Short Links Management

Create your account now and take control of your short links and many more options to check out for yourself. Simply sign up now and see the beauty in your digital marketing journey with Urlinko.

Geo-targeting & Device Targeting System

You can choose to redirect visitors to a different page using their location or their device.

API Integrations

Our software helps you to automate your business with some of the world’s best companies out there such as Slack, Zapier, Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager and the rest you will love them, find out more from your dashboard.



Urlinko is now much more social-friendly. All pages have their own thumbnail, unique title, description and video embed code (Youtube only). Want to give it a try? Share this URL on Facebook and notice the thumbnail, title, description, video and the URL.

Splash & Overlay Pages

Automatically creates dedicated page for media URLs such as Youtube, Vine, Dailymotion, etc. Users can now create a custom splash page.

Social Logins

As user can can now instantaneously login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Team Feature

The new team feature allows you to invite members to your group and operate the same account as a team. This is perfect for collaboration!


Short links Analytics

Monitor your short links performance with detailed real time clicks insights. Even better you will be able to filter your link clicks data by device, country, referrer, browser and many more.

Beautiful Profiles

Create beautiful profiles with a click and share a single link on social media platforms.