• What is Urlinko?

    Is a link management platform with all features you need to establish your marketing brand by shortening messy links, manage, and track your campaign links in one place loved by affiliates, marketing agencies, entrepreneurs and more.

  • Is Urlinko free to use?

    Yes! Urlinko is absolutely free to use, no credit card required. Our aim is to provide our users a way promote their businesses while cutting cost.

  • What happens when I delete my account?

    Once your account has been deleted, your subscription to the platform will be cancelled as well and all your data from our servers including links, traffic data, pixels and all other associated data, so before you perform such action make sure you have properly backup your data.

  • What kinds of data can I track with my short links?

    Urlinko allows you to track the following data: clicks, conversions, clicks by country, clicks by browser, clicks by operating system, conversion tracking, deep data conversions and much more.

  • How many branded short links can I create with Urlinko?

    You are able to create as many branded short links as you wish. We allows you to add your domain which enable you to create unlimited branded links with that domain.

  • Is there a limit on how many short links I can create on Urlinko?

    There is no limit! You can create as many short links as you want.

  • What is the difference between Custom short links and Branded short links?

    Custom Short Links allows you to add a custom alias for your short link. Example: https://urlinko.com/custom_alias Branded Short Links allows users to swap out Urlinko.com for their own branded URL: Example: https://urlinko.com/custom_alias becomes https://branded_domain/custom_alias

  • What is GDPR Compliant?

    We have made every effort to be fully complaint with GDPR’s regulations and we strive to provide our users a safe user experience.

  • Does Urlinko have a documented API?

    Yes! You can view our complete Developer API Document Here.

  • What integrations tools does Urlinko offer?

    In addition to your online dashboard, Urlinko offers you the ability to shorten your links and also the use of the following platforms integrated to Urlinko.com. Learn more here.

  • Where can I use my short links generated by Urlinko?

    Urlinko shortens your links and this works across all platforms and devices. Links can be use on many platform such as Websites, Social media, SMS, Chatbots and many more including using our QR codes on printed materials for offline marketing.

  • Will URL shorteners hurt my site SEO?

    No. Using Urlinko does not hurt your SEO. Google and other search engines pass pagerank value to the final URL rather than the short link generated.

  • Need additional help?

    Please contact support for additional assistance using our contact us form.