About Us

About Us

Urlinko is a link tracking and management platform makes customising messy long URLs links into easy nice short links. Our full-featured URL platform packed with many integrations such as Slack, Zapier, Twitter, Bing, Pinterest, Quora, Snapchat, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and much more.

Urlinko is simply the best free URL shortner marketing tool helping small to enterprise businesses to building and promoting their brand.

With Urlinko, you can drill down into clicks by time of day, geotargeting, device targeting, real time monitoring of your links traffic. Affiliates marketers love us, using Urlinko to track and coordinate campaigns and much more.

Make the most of your digital journey with tools design to bring you powerful insight in making smart marketing decisions that save you money and time.

Join Urlinko and drive conversions through your content.

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